Building anything, be it a new municipal building and courthouse, a wastewater treatment facility or streets and roadways, requires strict adherence to plan and an acute ability to assess, resolve, and adapt when challenges arise. With more than 40 years of experience in construction services, Kunkel Engineering Group solicits and reviews bids from only the most qualified contractors, setting a standard for quality that is unmatched in the industry. After reviewing the bids, we recommend contractors based on their qualifications, experience, and the overall project cost effectiveness that will best benefit the municipality and the project outcome.

Our in-house project managers and inspectors pay careful attention to project specs and budgets as designated in the planning and design phase and work diligently to maintain quality and consistency throughout the process. Experience is the most vital component in this mix, and the one that separates those who can from those who do, and do it well.

The construction services offered by our skilled team include:

Project Inspection

Street and Utility Improvements

Water and Wastewater Infrastructure and Treatment

Municipal Facilities

As-Built Drawing Preparation

Project Punch Lists and Closeout

Contract Administration

Surveying and Staking

Other Services


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